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Thank you for your interest. We're a cool, growing company that's Southern Illinois owned and operated. And, we're always interested in meeting folks and growing our team of "good time" experts. Truth be told, it ain't rocket surgery. Whether you're a Harvard grad or went to the School of Hard Knocks, we're lookin' for individuals that are hard working, loyal, honest and friendly. "Party" experience is a plus.

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This position requires a lot of physical activity; we are on our feet and hustling for 8+ Hours
Prompt customer service is a top priority. If you drag your feet you can’t work with us
Our uniform policy states your Uniform shirt must be tucked in, wear a belt, no ripped jeans, tidy appearance, etc. If you have a problem with wearing a uniform this probably isn’t the job for you.
Cell Phone use is prohibited during work hours, that it includes texting, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…you get it.
We prosecute ALL instances of theft to the fullest extent of the law. If you steal from us we will have you arrested.
Employee breaks are allowed during slower sales periods and can fluctuate. Breaks are taken in compliance with labor law. “Smoke Breaks” are not guaranteed.
Failure to comply with our employee policies will result in disciplinary action/ and up to termination.
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