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Appreciate You

If you've been to any of our 10 locations throughout Southern Illinois, you've seen the quote “Appreciate You” over the door along with a picture of Ron Kruep. My dad, Ron, owned and operated our locations for well over 30 years. When he picked up the phone his greeting was “Ron Kruep” and rather than a goodbye he would end the conversation with “Appreciate you”.

Ron passed away August 1o, 2012, right around the time we changed our shop names from One Stop to RollnUp. This wasn’t just a name change; it was a complete re-imaging.

I decided I wanted to honor him by adding his initials RJK to the RollnUp logo and placing his image in each store. Our team got together and felt we needed something along with his picture to capture what Ron was about.

After many conversations we decided “Appreciate You” was perfect. Ron truly did appreciated the people that helped build the company. He would always tell me that the person standing behind the cash register is the most important employee in our company because they interact with the folks we love the most, our customers!

Throughout the month of October, I want to show our customers, new and loyal, they’re truly appreciated! We aren’t putting up huge wedding tents and charging $15 bucks at the door – that’s not our style. We have a 10x10 pop-tent under which we're sampling affordable good cigars, playing bags, sampling beers, and I myself am grilling hot dogs on my dad’s Webber kettle grill. I have lowered the fountain soda price to 69 cents for any size because it’s a damn good price, and we are still a bit immature and think the price is funny. After you eat a dog and sample some goodies, sign up for the Monday Night Football Rams vs. Seahawks tickets we are giving away at the end of the month!

Thank you to the customers who have stood by us! Just like in your household, we deal with the same issues such as new taxes, higher bills, and the occasional annoying copycat neighbor. Through it all we are a family, and just like your family, we keep working and doing our absolute best! Ron built these shops on the foundation of customer service. RollnUp strives to give our customers a fast, friendly, and fair experience. Stop by and see us, and when you exit our shop just look up to see that Ron along with myself and our staff “Appreciate You!”


Here is the Customer Love Schedule from 4pm to 6pm:

October 2nd: RollnUp Marion (interstate location)

October 9th: RollnUp Herrin

October 16th: RollnUp Centralia

October 23rd: RollnUp West City



Holly Kruep