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Celebrate May "Holidays"

If you receive an email from my co-worker Joe, at the end of his emails he informs you on what is being celebrated that day.  Joe may be informing stores about a price increase on a cigar, but he will also let staff know it is National Donut Day.  After seeing the menagerie of different holidays over various emails I decided to look up what May has in store.  Maybe these bullshit holidays will help me sell more, it has worked for Hallmark!  According to HolidayInsights.Com May is chalked full good times such as Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day, but here are few lesser known days to celebrate.



May 5 Space Day

Is this a celebration of Outer Space or physical space?  Either one is worth celebrating. While everyone else is drinking Margaritas and Corona try this cool glowy drink. 
Cosmic Jungle Juice
What you need- 
750ml New Amsterdam Vodka
2 Liters of Tonic Water
Can of Pink Lemonade Concentrate
Mix Ingredients together and turn on a black light and listen to
Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Podcast.



May 9 Lost Sock Memorial Day

It would be appropriate to drink any liquor or beer straight from the bottle.  Walk outside and pour out a little liquor on the ground for all the dynamic duos that have broken up.  



May 18 Visit Your Relatives Day

Depending on your family this day could require large amounts of alcohol to get you through.  Congrats to you if your family dynamic is healthy and balanced.  For the rest of us this is one of my friend Maggie’s favorite cocktails, appropriately named, to aid in events where you have to talk to people that you normally would never interact with.
The Painkiller
2oz Dark Rum
4oz Pineapple juice
2oz Orange Juice
2oz Coco Real (in the squeeze bottle) 
Ice & Dash of Nutmeg (Don’t skip the nutmeg step)
Mix ingredients in a blender or shaker. Pour in a glass and then pour down your throat. Add more Rum as needed… 



May 25 National Wine Day / Tap Dance Day

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these two celebrations fall on the same day.  The closest I ever came to observing these days together was when I drank too much wine and ordered a pair of tap shoes off Amazon after watching La La Land.  Thank goodness for free returns!  I say grab some friends together and drink wine.  If you drink enough wine with a group and ask, “Did anyone take tap class as a kid?”  There is always someone who will drunkenly bust out a time step. Wine Day - Check. Tap Dance Day - Check.  
RollnUp May Wine Specials: 
Apothic Wine 750ml: $7.97
Purple Toad Wine 750ml: $12.97
Gallo Sweet Fruit Wine 750ml: $3.97

May 30 Water a Flower Day 

See Lost Sock Memorial Day