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Fall - The Trendiest of all Seasons

Welcome to autumn friends.  Bust out your chunky knit drinking poncho and let’s discuss all the fun trends that surround this short lived season. The fall months deliver a cornucopia of seasonal flavored beers and liquors. Pumpkin spiced rum, apple IPA, honey berry bourbon…it starts to look like a menu at a progressive amish farmers’ market.  Fall also brings many day drinking opportunities, that alone makes this season not terrible. I think there are some try worthy new arrivals in liquor, wine, and beer this season.  Before you schedule your hayride here are a few beverages to put in your apple picking basket.

Crown Royal Vanilla - We like this flavored Canadian whiskey.  It isn’t over powering, has a subtle earthy vanilla bean flavor.  Some vanilla flavored whiskeys are too sweet. This is subtle and delicate.  It is nice on the rocks or with a splash of cola. It will make your toes curl up in your Uggs.

Schlafly Pumpkin Ale - If a pumpkin made sweet love to an ale this would be its love child.  This St. Louis craft brew boasts notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove with an ABV of 8%.  Pass on the pie and have this for dessert. It is the one pumpkin flavored beverage we endorse. 

Rose´ Wines - The suede bootie of the wine set is definitely Rose´. It is light and crisp.  What my lovely wine buyer, Maggie, refers to as a “porch pounder”. This is an easy drinking wine that goes great with barbecue or brats on the grill.  Rose´can be made from any type of grape.  Even the pickiest of wine lovers can find a Rose´ they enjoy. Add this to your tailgate shopping list.

Bird Dog Whiskey - This Kentucky bourbon comes in a variety of Autumn themed flavors. Cinnamon, Apple, and Blackberry to name a few.  Do you like Fireball Whiskey?  Sure you do! Even if you don’t you still end up drinking it anyway. At the bonfire pass around a chilled bottle of Bird Dog.  When your friends ask, “What’s this?” You can let them know that you don’t drink shit that Florida Georgia Line Sings about, you like your whiskey 80 proof.  

Stop wasting your money on mums that will inevitably die in two weeks, invest your hard earned dollars in delicious fall themed adult beverages.