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Games, Drinks, and Comfortable Pants…

On December 31st we usually celebrate the tradition of getting together with friends and bidding the year farewell! Unfortunately I tend to have unrealistic expectations for NYE. I always envision a gorgeous evening filled with great food and cocktails. After a night of dancing and laughs my husband will kiss me at midnight, a perfect end to a perfect evening. The reality is I usually have a full blown five alarm melt down in my closet when I have nothing to wear…or nothing fits (thanks so much Christmas Cookies). After finally slapping on the go-to black dress Chris will inevitably point out “What is that on your dress guacamole or snot?” and back to the closet I go sobbing. Arriving at our NYE destination I will skip the food because if I eat a cheese cube the odds are high that the zipper on my dress may malfunction. I am riddled with anxiety and decide to have a wine drinking contest with myself. I am dancing…no one else is dancing. I am counseling a stranger in the ladies room, she tells me about her break up in between vomiting. We have a good cry and tell each other we will keep in touch. It’s midnight and I can’t find Chris, but I do get an overly friendly hug from a gentleman that smells like soup. Chris calls the cab and they inform him that it will be 2 hours. I scan the room for sobriety and offer my shoes as a downpayment for transportation. I wish I could say this scenario has only happened once in my life, but I must admit this was my normal for sometime. I broke this cycle two years ago, and have never looked back. Why put yourself through hell of going out on New Year’s Eve? It's the night where people who don’t drink every night of the week (like myself) decide to go out. Do you really want to subject yourself to that amateur bullshit!? Save your hard earned dough and find your friends that have a tolerance. Make a plan to stay in wear anything that doesn’t require zippers and bust out some games. The most fun NYEs have been spent with friends playing games and drinking cocktails in our lounge wear (elastic waistline is the key to “Loungewear”). Have Anderson Cooper or that Seacrest fella in the background talking about the excitement at NY Times Square. If you have a lot of people over make sure that transportation is lined up or that their is enough floor / couch / chair space for friends to stay the night and stay safe. 

Fun Games and Good Drinks
Heads Up!
If up have never watched Ellen or haven’t stumbled upon this app for your smartphone, download the game Heads Up!. It is a hilarious game that is sure to entertain every age group, think 50,000 Pyramid and charades had a baby. When playing this game think about drinking something clear, you or your guest are bound to spill drinks when the “Act It Out” Category comes in play. It’s New Years Eve so no cheap shit, 2015 has kicked your ass and you deserve the best! Crystal Head Vodka is my new favorite. My homie (in my thoughts we are friends) Dan Ackroyd decided to make an amazing pure vodka. No additives, no glycerol, no sugar or citrus oils to mask the taste. The bottle is bad ass too. No need for mixers on this one, drink it like my best friend Bria orders her vodka…on the rocks with a splash of water.

Utter Nonsense
I played Utter Nonsense with a group of my favorite girl friends and we laughed hysterically. Utter Nonsense contains 45 Accent Cards and 455 Phrase Cards which players combine and act out. You don’t have to be good at accents and the combinations don’t need to make sense. One of our friends, no matter what accent card she drew, sounded like an extra on Downton Abbey. This game with a pitcher of Perfect Patron Margaritas are sure to please your crew. They are crazy good, but not crazy strong so no one will be crying in the bathroom before midnight.

Perfect Patron Margaritas
(Use the Limeade Can as your measuring cup)
1 Can on Minute Maid Lime Aide
1 Can of Patron Tequila
1/2 Can of 7-Up 
1/2 Can of Water
1 Corona Beer
Juice from a lime
Serve over ice or throw it in a blender if you are fancy 

Cards Against Humanity
I am sure most who read a blog about booze have played this game, but if you have not it’s time you get your shit together and find some better friends. The tag line is a “a party game for horrible people”. I have yet to bring this to a party or get together and not have a blast. Cards Against Humanity is a no fail party game I promise…unless someone is really weird and super conservative. If that is the case you don’t need to be spending time with that buzz kill on New Year’s Eve or any night for that matter. The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. Many phrases in the game reference balls and foot fetishes so why not serve Foot to the Balls Sangria.

Foot to the Balls Sangria
1 Cup of Dole Orange Mango Juice
1 Cup of Fireball Whiskey
1 Bottle of Barefoot Cellars Wine (Cab, Merlot, Shiraz…dry red)
1 bag of frozen fruit
Mix it in Pitcher and serve over ice

It may come to that time in the evening when you are running out games to play and the true alcoholics are still up and looking to be entertained. Don’t fret! Journey to the closet where you shove all the crap you have put off throwing away. Blow the inch of dust off the Sorry or Trivia Pursuit and switch to your favorite domestic beer because it is time for a drinking game! The internet has many ideas how to turn a game that is Fun for All Ages to WARNING 21+UP ONLY like this

New Years Day…Hungover?  

Hope that your New Year’s Eve is safe and spectacular whether it be in a formal attire or your new bitchin’ sweatpants you got from grandma this Christmas. We at RollnUp hope that if you need supplies for your NYE Party, game night, or random Tuesday that you give us chance.