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Vape Talk with Holly & Michelle

I did write a blog on E-Cigs and have used them from time to time, but Vaping or Vape is really a whole different ballgame. I have witnessed the Vape category grow from a hundred dollars a month to thousands a week. New Vaporizers and Juice Flavors are added to our stores every day and it has my head spinning. I finally cornered my co-worker Michelle (RollnUp's Vape Expert) and picked her brain on what Vaping is about, why she does it and its positives and negatives.

A little back story on Michelle before I begin the interview-

Michelle Allen has worked with me for 10+ years. My dad would always tease that if we were together, trouble would follow. She is the person that I can say “you know what I was thinking…a massive bong balloon in the store parking lot. I know we don’t sell them but it would grab some attention, you think it would work?” Michelle would give me the thumbs up and ask what time she should be there to help set it up. She does protect me by calling our other team members to warn “Holly is going to get arrested for illegal inflatable paraphernalia, but I will accompany her to jail. Joe or Mitch, make sure one of you bails us out.” Michelle is one of the most caring loyal people I have ever met. When it comes to Rollup she is knowledgeable and educates herself on what we sell and what our customers want. When the Vape category surfaced in our industry she dove in head first.

H: Ok Michelle what the hell is Vaping all about?

M: Vaporizing is heating tobacco, herbs, or juice up at around 350 degrees…Fahrenheit. Combustion begins at 430 degrees Fahrenheit. When you vaporize you inhale 95% less smoke and its carcinogen free. It is definitely a healthier way to get your nicotine fix.

H: I am sorry but the word Juice gags me…What is “Juice”, and couldn’t they have thought of a better name?

M: Well Holly some call it oil and that gags me. Juice is a mixture of usually 4 ingredients –Vegetable Oil…or technically Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, nicotine, and flavor. There are seriously hundreds of flavors…they have beer flavor which would be right up your alley.

H: Yikes that sounds funky!

M: Really? There are 4 ingredients in vape juice; there are 4000 chemical in what you smoke dear. My big deal is I make sure that the juice I vape is made in the USA, and that it has 100% pharmaceutical grade nicotine, and FDA glycerin and glycol. If it doesn’t say that I am staying away. I don’t want synthetic nicotine either.

H: Why? Isn’t the juice regulated? I thought everything we touch in our industry is regulated?

M: Nope, right now the vapor industry is the Wild West. There are some places that are selling juice from God knows where and made from God knows what. These stores are popping up left and right, and just because it is made in the USA doesn’t mean it is made in a lab. They could be making it in some dudes basement!

H: Gross, we don’t sell basement juice do we?

M: No Holly we don’t sell basement juice!

H: What are the benefits other than the chemicals and carcinogens?

M: No smell! I can vape in my car or my house and it doesn’t smell. My car used to smell like an ashtray. When everyone is freezing their tails off outside smoking; I am indoors, with my vape, comfy! I feel better honestly! My sinuses don’t bother me like they used to and I don’t wake up feeling like garbage. It has truly changed my life. Everyone I have sold it to seems to feel the same way. No second hand smoke either. It also costs a hell of a lot less than my pack habit.

H: How much is vaping in comparison?

M: Well I smoked American Spirits, 10 bucks a pack. A small bottle of juice is the equivalent of 5 packs. The juice costs around 5 dollars. I bought a Vapor X Vaporizer, which cost me 22.49. It came with a tank, battery, and charger. I charge it at night when I go to bed and it lasts me all day, no muss no fuss. I like the Vapor X Juice 1.8 mg nicotine and my favorite flavor is vanilla or java. Some people have stair stepped down off the nicotine. The highest amount of nicotine is 21mg and the lowest is …zero! Some start at the 21 or 18mg and gradually step down to 10mg then 5mg..until they are nicotine free. There is a range of flavors and strengths.

H: There has to be some downers to this ‘Chelle, no way is this perfect because I have seen returns from customers.

M: Usually the problems with the vaporizers, I hate to say, are user error. Sometimes they don’t work; it is like anything with a battery.

Top Vape Problems & IMPORTANT Issues

Improper filling- You have to tip the tank slightly to the side when filling, and go slow baby, take your time.

Don’t Overfill! Tanks or Cartomizers have a line to stop filling at. Trust the line or you will have a mouth full of nicotine juice…YUMMO!

Ease Up! Don’t over tighten the tank to the battery. It causes problems with the connection and breaks the vape!

If at first you don’t succeed…suck until you do! Some take a massive pull off a vaporizer and get a headache, heart burn, or their throat becomes sore. Try a different strength of nicotine (if your juice has nicotine), a different flavor, or don’t inhale as much. It is a switch from smoking and may take trying a few different juice flavors or brands to find what you enjoy.

It Leaks! Top Fill tanks, when horizontal or upside down over time, will leak out the juice. Some people put their vape on a lanyard and wear around their neck. If you put it in your pocket or your cup holder, make sure the mouth piece is pointed up. This isn’t a big problem but they do make bottom fill tanks that don’t leak. They are bigger but work well!

KEEP AWAY- Remember this is nicotine in its rawest form! Keep away from children and pets. Some juice smells like candy or fruit. Our neighbor’s chocolate lab bit into a juice bottle and went a little squirrelly for an hour! He is ok by the way. Treat juice just like you would cigarettes or any other chemical you wouldn’t want your kids getting into! Vape pens are locked. To unlock you push the on button 6 times. A light flashes and that means it is ready to go.

New Fill Funk- Sometimes when you fill up the tank the first couple puffs taste odd or burnt. To eliminate the weird taste just prime the pen. By that I mean holding the button down a few times for 5 seconds. You will also get this burnt taste when your tank gets too low.

H: Can you Vape anything else? What if I don’t want to do the juice thing on principle of the name alone?

M: What is with you and the word juice? Yes, you can vape tobacco or herbs…like lavender, yeah lavender. (Michelle is winking at me and giggling).

H: Do we have those vapes too?

M: Yes, we sell The Happy Cig Starter Kit, which vapes dry herbs/tobacco, juice, or waxy oils. It comes with tanks (dry or liquid), two batteries, and a charger. We also sell the DUBE which you can vape dry herbs or tobacco. We have table top vapes too…honestly that is whole other blog! Let’s stick with the juice talk.

H: Enough with that word! Thanks Michelle…and get me the beer flavor liquid.