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Wine is the Crucial Piece to the Thanksgiving Puzzle (It is more important than turkey)

Last year I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time. I enjoy cooking and didn’t think it was a big deal when I volunteered, but my anxiety grew as the days loomed closer to The Thursday. I cleaned the house frantically, even though it would soon be destroyed by a happy pack of children. I made place cards, 5 different styles of deviled eggs, and a cornucopia centerpiece that would make Martha Stewart give me a fist bump of approval. The turkey was not dry, the side dishes were delicious, and there was enough pie and cake to hold a church fundraiser. I deemed the day a success, but as I was packing up the large amount of leftovers in Rubbermaid containers I noticed only one item got completely consumed, the wine. I bought 9 bottles and there wasn’t a drop left. I then came to the conclusion that wine is the most important part of my festive family meals; I had a shit load of turkey left and a garbage can full of empty glass bottles and corks.

Even non-wine drinkers drink wine on Thanksgiving. I have a few presumptions as to why this phenomenon occurs. You are stuck under one roof with your family and God forbid it isn’t the roof you own. It is eleven o’clock a.m. when you arrive and do obligatory greeting through a crowded kitchen. You now reek of a mixture of every family member’s aftershave and perfume. You are in search of an adult beverage. You love beer, but your asshole cousin just iced it down while calling you a pussy because you won’t drink it “cowboy cold”. You get the nerve to raid your grandparent’s liquor cabinet and question if Smirnoff came out with a retro label, then realize that shit was bought during the Nixon administration. You’re thirsty journey brings you back to the kitchen were everyone is enjoying your sister’s dill dip, Hawaiian bread, and a glass of chardonnay. Why not pour yourself a glass of chilled wine; it will help cool you down. The oven, stove, and crock pots, along with the body heat, make the house feel like the surface of the sun. No one looks at you with shame when you pour yourself another glass before noon. The family chef has purple teeth; she has been sipping cabernet since 6 a.m., “the bird isn’t going to cook itself you know!”

I have 3 wine recommendations for your Turkey Day gathering to please every friend and family member. Even your brother’s snobby new girlfriend won’t turn her nose up to these tasty and budget friendly wines, although she will tell you she has had better (this is when you silently mouth the word “whore” behind her back, keep it classy it is a holiday).

  1. Bogle Chardonnay 2012: A dependable smooth and crisp California Chardonnay. It has notes of pear, apple, and citrus. It is has a touch of vanilla and oak, but no flavor is over the top. You can drink this with just about anything and the label looks like you spent more on it than you actually did. It will set you back 10 bucks, and you will need more than one bottle, I promise.

  2. Stefano Farina Moscato d Asti 2011: Light and bubbly and most of all sweet. This 12 dollar Italian wine is almost too easy to drink. The peach and apricot flavors will satisfy anyone who touts that they hate wine – this is far from dry! Definitely pour everyone a glass with their pumpkin pie; it will only make the deserts taste better!

  3. CK Mondovi Cabernet Sauvignon 2012: Rich and balanced. This go-to red wine has just enough fruit and oak to please anyone who enjoys big bold reds. Now if you get someone that talks shit about your 7 dollar cabernet, and asks where you keep the Rothschild, kindly escort their uptight ass out of your home. You can’t go wrong with anything from the Mondovi family; they seem to be kind of big deal in wine business.

I am confident that those three wines will be pleasing to your guests along with your bank account. I am a red wine fan so my purple teeth reference is from my own personal experience. I am sure you are just dying to read more tips, I do have an amazing stuffing recipe, but I feel like I need to save some material for my Christmas Blog. That is what we call a teaser folks! I am thankful to the amazing people I work with this Thanksgiving! They cuss me for it, but we are open on Thanksgiving Day. We are open on the holidays for you, our customers! RollnUp knows that it’s doubtful there will be a Kahlua emergency Christmas day, but we will be open to get you through it!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Holly Kruep


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