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I was trying to come up with a blog topic and Father’s Day keeps hitting me in the face. I really didn’t want to approach the topic because I lost my father last August. Frankly, Father’s Day will suck for me! That got me thinking of all of the sorry gifts he received from me in the past, and as I grew older, the good ones too. I bought him the normal tie and cologne gifts for years … actually, my mother bought them. I got him power tools that he never touched, fishing gear when he didn’t fish, stereotypical man crap that is shoved down our throats for the holiday.

My father was an open book as to what he favored. He liked cigars, Jack Daniels, Beefeaters Gin, Coors Light, and Fox News. Anytime he received a gift it was usually one of the first four from the list along with a book about how Rush Limbaugh could fix the world in 15 chapters. As a buyer and a promoter of a liquor & smoke shop, I will say that these types of gifts are easy and appreciated. I know my dad would have much rather of had a case of wine and great card than some plaid shirt we tried to get him to wear. A gift is for the receiver, but I believe that we unconsciously buy presents for our loved ones that reflect our likes, not theirs. It reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons where Homer buys Marge a bowling ball drilled for his fingers. My dad was the type of guy that if he wanted something he would buy it himself. He didn’t wait to get a new razor in hopes that he would receive one of Father’s Day. Sticking to something simple like his favorite bottle of wine or a basket filled with a 6 pack, a few cigars, and a butane wind-proof lighter would make him smile.

Wines that lean towards what the men in your life are into are super easy to find (if they are wine drinkers). Maybe your Pop is a hunter, Smoking Loon Merlot or Stags Leap Cabernet are both great wines and tip a hat towards his hobby. If your Dad is a golfer, he may enjoy Greg Norman’s Shiraz. The wine market is so vast you could match a name with any personality. Maybe you have a rocky relationship with your pops and Fat Bastard Chardonnay will get your message across. Craft, microbrews, and import beers will give you the same type of personal touch. If your dad went to college in (enter state here) or loved to visit (exotic place here), I am certain a craft or import beer can bring him back to that time or place. It is funny how a six pack of Red Stripe, for a brief moment, can take you back to that little dive bar in Jamaica.

Most dads, grandpas, husbands have their favorite drink. Again, my dad was synonymous with Old #7. He would pour it over ice with no mixers or fuss. I loved ordering kiddie cocktails “on the rocks” because it sounded like my dad’s grown-up request. A bottle of their “brand” is a no brainer, and most major liquor brands have gift sets or special edition bottles to make it to gift status!

My dad doesn’t drink or smoke, Holly, what about me?! Well, I write about booze and tobacco, but I do know these items don’t fit everyone. My best advice is when buying a gift for the men in your life, lean towards their heart. Practical gifts are great, for instance my husband loves gift cards or a new pair of work boots. An iTunes gift card is perfect, but my dad wasn’t tech savvy so I burned him a CD of his favorite songs. My most memorable Father’s Day was 18 holes with him and my brother followed by sitting in the club house over beers watching the final minutes of the US Open. So I guess I have come to the realization that, after all my blathering about thoughtful shit to get your dad, time and attention are your greatest gifts. I for one will be cooking Pot Roast, my dad’s favorite meal, on June 16th while sipping on a very large glass of Jack in his memory. This Father’s Day on your way to visit your Pop, pick up his favorite beer, or if you live far away simply pick up the phone and revert back to childhood by asking, “Dad, could you tell me a story?”


by Holly Kruep