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BBQ, Boats & Bug Spray

I read a study that said that people thought food tasted better when it was eaten outdoors. I agree, and add that cocktails and beers also taste better al fresco. The study concluded that although people felt more relaxed and enjoyed a meal in an outdoor environment, it was the dinnerware that played the strongest role in the meals positive results. When most eat outside they dine off paper plates which eases your brain to enjoy the food because there is no clean-up involved.


Minty Julep

An Infield Derby Shindig

Significant sporting events are used as a reason for friends to gather, and the Kentucky Derby is no exception. I am not a Super Bowl party kind of gal and although I do love hot wings and beer it annoys me that I can’t fully enjoy the party since it lands on a Sunday. I really don’t get very excited about any monumental sporting events except for the Kentucky Derby. My husband and I have had the extreme privilege to attend the derby for the last six years. Our dear close friend John lives in Louisville and has graciously included us in what has become a yearly tradition.