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Mom's Day Brunch

In April of 2008 I became a mom to a baby girl. The first few weeks at my new job title as a mom were a little rocky. I have never taken care of a baby, and didn’t really have an understanding of what my new position in life entailed. First off, newborns don’t do much but eat, sleep, and cry. When I was sleep deprived, dancing up and down the hall chanting “shhhhhhhhh” to my screaming daughter, I decided I was going to get on a schedule and be organized. Hell, it always worked with my career! Fast forward to three months in and I smell like a mix of baby vomit and diaper cream.


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Say No To Bush-League Valentine’s Day

Why can’t Valentines Day be as easy as it was in grade school? Everyone in class would put their brown paper bag on their desk and it would be filled with conversation hearts and small To and From notes sponsored by the giver’s favorite cartoon character. No one is let down or left out of the holiday! I actually enjoy this holiday due to my parents, they were great Valentine’s Day role models. My dad didn’t have a lot of money to spend one year so he bought a small shrub, planted it in the front yard, and took his hedge clippers and shaped it into a heart.


12 Drinks of Christmas

12 Drinks of Christmas

From decorating and holiday shopping to Hallmark Christmas movies...we think each holiday event deserves a drink! Read the "12 Drinks of Christmas"  below, new drink suggestions and survival tips will be added daily on 


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Like Father Like Daughter

It’s pretty simple… we’re vested in Southern Illinois. It’s where we live, it’s where we raise our families, it’s made of the communities we choose to support and it’s where we CHOOSE to call home. It’s special. (Here’s where we get all mushy)… The holiday season is a time when most reflect upon their blessings and we’re no different.

THANK YOU to our customers, co-workers and community partners across Southern Illinois.




Halloween has grown on me throughout the years. I went to a catholic grade school and the rule for Halloween was "no store bought costumes". I am the baby of three kids so by the time it was my turn to pick out a costume, my mom was over sewing and creating anything original. The Halloween box came down from the attic and it contained different hats, a few wigs, and mostly old clothes that someone in our family deemed costume worthy. I was a princess, clown, rockstar (which everyone thought I was a clown again), ghost, cowgirl...I loathed every single ensemble.


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Sunday Bloody Sunday

I am not a fall/winter person. Usually when this time of year hits, I slowly slide into a mild depression. In my life, Autumn is the time of year that boats and patio furntiure get covered and stored. The flowers that I dropped a small fortune on in May are ready for the compost pile, to make way for the pumpkins and mums. I feel like the old lady on Game of Thrones who keeps repeating in the dread, "The Winta's Coming!!". I may be self medicating, but I tend to ramp up my weekend booze intake as the cooler temperatures infiltrate the area.


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RollnUp Huggers

Tropical Depression

My husband had a comeback for any gal who said they didn't drink; they didn't like the taste..."Have a Malibu and Pineapple Juice" -Creepy 21 year old Campo


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Vape Talk with Holly & Michelle

I did write a blog on E-Cigs and have used them from time to time, but Vaping or Vape is really a whole different ballgame. I have witnessed the Vape category grow from a hundred dollars a month to thousands a week. New Vaporizers and Juice Flavors are added to our stores every day and it has my head spinning. I finally cornered my co-worker Michelle (RollnUp's Vape Expert) and picked her brain on what Vaping is about, why she does it and its positives and negatives.

A little back story on Michelle before I begin the interview-


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