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bloody mary recipe


Mom's Day Brunch

In April of 2008 I became a mom to a baby girl. The first few weeks at my new job title as a mom were a little rocky. I have never taken care of a baby, and didn’t really have an understanding of what my new position in life entailed. First off, newborns don’t do much but eat, sleep, and cry. When I was sleep deprived, dancing up and down the hall chanting “shhhhhhhhh” to my screaming daughter, I decided I was going to get on a schedule and be organized. Hell, it always worked with my career! Fast forward to three months in and I smell like a mix of baby vomit and diaper cream.


Sunday Bloody Sunday

I am not a fall/winter person. Usually when this time of year hits, I slowly slide into a mild depression. In my life, Autumn is the time of year that boats and patio furntiure get covered and stored. The flowers that I dropped a small fortune on in May are ready for the compost pile, to make way for the pumpkins and mums. I feel like the old lady on Game of Thrones who keeps repeating in the dread, "The Winta's Coming!!". I may be self medicating, but I tend to ramp up my weekend booze intake as the cooler temperatures infiltrate the area.